BACtrack S80 Makes a Series of Appearances with Dr. Phil

BACtrack breathalyzers and company founder Keith Nothacker have made several appearances on the Dr. Phil Show over the past few years. The TV personality has been a champion of using personal breathalyzers to safely monitor BAC for some time.

The first appearance was in December, 2009, in the show's "Legal Matters" segment. Dr. Phil and a panel of some of the country’s top lawyers looked into whether or not breathalyzers are truly accurate, using the BACtrack S80 for the test.

Dr. Phil and Keith used the S80 to test criminal defense attorney Anthony Pope, former prosecutor Loni Coombs, financial attorney Chris Chatham, and a Dr. Phil staff member to discover which substances may impact a breathalyzer reading.

This video shows just how simple a BACtrack Breathalyzer is to use to accurately measure your blood alcohol level in seconds. 

The next appearance came in February, 2010, when the S80 Pro and Keith Nothacker were featured again. This time, Dr. Phil shared his excitement with the widespread use of BACtrack breathalyzers: 

“I enthusiastically support BACtrack Breathalyzers and their mission to get a breathalyzer in the hands of everyone," he told to his audience. "I know lives and families can be saved through the use of personal breathalyzers.” 

A year later, BACtrack made a third appearance--this time with Dr. Phil and two of his close colleagues, Dr. Oz and Suze Orman--on "Oprah's All Stars." On the episode "20 Questions from 20 Somethings," an audience member asks the experts how long it takes to sober up before it's OK to drive.

With the best-selling BACtrack S80 breathalyzer, an audience member who had five shots of vodka prior to the show is tested twice. Dr. Oz discusses how much time is generally needed for the body to process alcohol, and Dr. Phil adds,

"...there's no reason you should ever get a DUI when you have (a breathalyzer), because you can check yourself."

The latest appearance BACtrack breathalyzers made on Dr. Phil's show was in January, 2012. In the episode "Under the Influence," Dr. Phil discusses the dangers of drinking and driving and shares personal stories about individuals that have suffered the consequences.

He wraps the segment by adding,

"A great way to ensure that you are under the legal limit to drive is by purchasing your own breathalyzer."