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Breathalyzer.ca is a division of KHN Solutions Inc., a privately-held company that is proud to serve Canadians from coast-to-coast.

We believe that portable breath testers can help discourage drinking and driving and unsafe levels of alcohol consumption, and also serve as educational and entertaining safety devices.

Delivering Customer Satisfaction Since 2001

Breathalyzer.ca has been satisfying customers with alcohol testing equipment since 2001. We work directly with breathalyzer manufacturers to ensure quality products and service for our customers. Unlike other companies that may sell a variety of different products, we specialize in personal and professional breath alcohol testers.

For over 14 years, Breathalyzer.ca has been working closely with consumers, as well as businesses, schools, clinics, hospitals, the military, and law enforcement to provide the most reliable devices on the market. We are here to serve the community, and to hear what YOU want from an alcohol testing solution. 

Breathalyzer.ca and its parent company, KHN Solutions, began selling breath alcohol detectors in 2001. In 2013, Breathalyzer.ca helped to introduced the world's first smartphone breathalyzer, BACtrack Mobile. This police-grade breathalyzer went on to win Popular Science’s 2013 ‘Best of What’s New’ Award for its innovation in health, and both an Edison Award and Good Design Australia Award for industrial design.

How Will the Charge Look on my Credit Card Statement?

After making purchase from Breathalyzer.ca, your statement will attribute the charge to "KHN Solutions," the name of our parent company.

Contact Us - We Love Hearing From Our Customers

Breathalyzer.ca offers free phone and email support to all customers. Our knowledgeable employees are here to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Whether it's a question about using your device, or a comment on how it might work better for your particular situation, please reach out at any time. 

Toll-free phone support: 877-334-6876

Our normal hours of business are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

Customer Service Issues, Sales Inquiries and General Questions

Email us at support@breathalyzer.ca.