WIRED Features BACtrack App for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is expected to hit the shelves before you know it, and with it come a host of powerful apps capable of not only monitoring your behaviors, but helping shape them in a positive way.

A recent article in WIRED sums up the most highly anticipated apps being developed for Apple Watch, including BACtrack.

"The watch could even potentially help you make better decisions when you’re having a night on the town," it reads.

"Breathalyzer maker BACtrack is working on an Apple Watch app that will work with its Mobile and Vio smartphone breathalyzers. It adds a bit of convenience: users will be able to test their blood alcohol content by tapping the Apple Watch and then blowing into the BACtrack, leaving their phone in their pocket. Sure, it’s mostly a novelty. But sometimes, that little bit of convenience is all it takes for people to increase their engagement with a product."

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