BACtrack Mobile Reviewed by An Industry Insider

How does BACtrack Mobile stand up to scrutiny from those who deal with state-of-the-art gadgets on a daily basis?

We were curious about this ourselves, especially seeing that the brains behind has reviewed them all. Nevertheless, we had utmost confidence in BACtrack's landmark smartphone breathalyzer--and the unit impressed the critic. He just posted a video review of the "adorably tiny" BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer, see below.

"BACtrack Mobile is a pretty handy little lifestyle gadget," he begins. "It's like a Fitbit for drinking."

SomeGadgetGuy does a great job at calling out one of the more interesting side effects of using a BACtrack--a heightened sense of self awareness in the midst of a situation (drinking) normally encourages one to "losing yourself in the moment."

"It was fascinating," he says in the video, "to get some hard numbers around where I was, as opposed to trying to guess while inebriated. It forced me to pay just a little more attention to how I felt than I normally might have while hanging out with my friends. Just that one moment of focus... it wouldn't have mattered if i has blown under the legal limit. There's no way I would have gotten behind the wheel of a car with how I felt."

In closing, "the $100 price tag falls right in line with the benefits of a gadget like this."