Your Friday Night Just Got a Little Geekier

Android Police revisited BACtrack Mobile recently, as promised the first time the breathalyzer appeared on their podcast, this time giving it a full review.

"You know what can be fun if done in moderation? Alcohol is probably high on the list for most people. While drinking, it's also fun to be able to quantify how intoxicated you actually are."

The review goes through the BACtrack Breathalyzer hardware and software (the BACtrack app for Android, of course), giving a brief, yet helpful tutorial on use of the device while sizing up the utility of the features and functions.

"[BACtrack Mobile] not only gives your current blood-alcohol reading and a brief description of what you're likely feeling, but also gives an estimate of when you'll likely be sober, a way to define whose reading it is, and the time/place the reading was taken. There are also options to add pictures to your reading, document what you were drinking, and add notes. See, now there's an easy way to remember what happened while you were intoxicated."