BACtrack Rated #1 Breathalyzer by Car & Driver

Car and Driver held a breathalyzer showdown in their April, 2014 issue, judging a spectrum of devices from different manufacturers according to their design, performance, accuracy, and ease of use.

The clear and undisputed winner of the test: BACtrack.

The methodology used was actually quite similar to what BACtrack employs for its internal accuracy testing—they had four individuals of differing genders and body types consume alcohol then breathe into a “professional grade” unit. This served as the control reading. From there, the volunteers breathed into the breathalyzers for an idea of each unit’s accuracy in comparison to the control.

BACtrack Mobile was the first smartphone enabled device they reviewed, and it received high marks all around.

“When your drinking buddies see you pull out the BACtrack Mobile,” they declare, “with its Bluetooth hookup that allows it to communicate wirelessly to the nicely constructed app on your smartphone, they will be under no illusions as to your seriousness for testing your breath. The unit is quite accurate...”

The BACtrack Keychain was also included in the evaluation. “It’s quick and easy to use,” they said, and went on to give it high marks for its performance across a range of BAC levels.

We are very excited to see an outside, unbiased party confirm what we here at already knew--that BACtrack Breathalyzers really are the most accurate units available for both personal and professional testing.

View the article on the BACtrack site.