Celebrating the Holidays Safely

Hosting a party can be as fun as the event itself, but every responsible host knows that it’s only a great time if every guest gets home safely. Here are some tips to help you throw an entertaining and safe party where everyone consumes responsibly. 

  1. Plan ahead. Mention in the invitation that guests should have a plan for getting home safely. Confirm with their RSVP that they have a safe, non-drinking designated driver to bring them home.
  2. Collect car keys. If there is drinking at your party, consider collecting car keys when people arrive. With a BACtrack, you can estimate their alcohol level with confidence and accuracy before they leave.
  3. Plan activities. Encourage party games that don't involve alcohol so that those who are not drinking still feel engaged with the festivities.
  4. Minimize intoxication. Get comfortable with guests' glasses being empty for a little while before offering a refill.
  5. Make nonalcoholic beverages available. Remember that some people do not drink and may be on medications. Include some sodas, juices, and non-alcoholic spritzers for those who don't want to partake. 
  6. Provide a wide variety of snacks. Providing plenty of food will give your guests options and keep them from drinking on an empty stomach. This is a very important way to pace your guests.
  7. Have fun, but not too much fun. Be a good host and stay within your limits. By doing so, you set a good example and ensure your guests drink responsibly, too.
  8. Be careful with bigger cocktails. Some drinks, old fashions and martinis for example, are traditionally served with larger amounts of spirits. Don't assume people want doubles unless they ask for them specifically. Be sure your guests know how much alcohol is in their drinks before you serve them. 
  9. Have a clear end time. Before you even begin, decide when the party will end. An hour before that appointed time, stop offering drinks and announce that coffee is available. Offer desserts or some other snack during this time. This provides guests the opportunity to sober up before they leave.
  10. Test your guests before they leave. Use your breathalyzer to determine everyone's alcohol level at the end of the night. Don't allow intoxicated guests to drive home. If you find that one of your friends has consumed too much, suggest they call a Lyft, get a ride home with someone else, or let them sleep at your house.
  11. Give a breathalyzer away to your guests. The best way for people to know their alcohol level is with a BACtrack. Encourage responsibility with these reliable tools. 

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