Lifeloc FC10 Plus Breath Alcohol Tester

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The FC10 Plus Portable Breath Alcohol Tester offers everything found in the Lifeloc FC10 breathalyzer plus password protection, 100 test memory and advanced lockout features to keep your results and settings safe. The Lifeloc FC10 Plus breath alcohol testing device also includes real time date and time stamping.

The 1" electrochemical fuel cell in the FC Series is alcohol specific and warrantied for the life of your instrument. It assures fast response and recovery time and unsurpassed working life.

Three test modes provide the operator with maximum control and testing options in any situation. During subject testing the visual breath flow graph gives real-time notice of possible test manipulation, shy lung or uncooperative subjects. The BAC graph provides the operator with an early indication of subject intoxication level before the actual BAC is displayed.

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