Breathalyzers for Employers, Businesses and Schools

Thousands of driving fatalities and workplace injuries could be avoided if business owners would make the simple decision to check their customers’ and employees’ BAC levels.

BACtrack offers the breath alcohol testing tools needed to prevent customers, employees, and businesses from endangering themselves and the public safety. Join the hundreds of trucking companies, landscaping operations, construction contractors, wineries, brew-pubs, and offices around the world in using BACtrack Professional Breathalyzers to keep your workplace safe.

The BACtrack S80 is our most popular and most accurate unit for businesses. With the largest fuel cell sensor we offer, the S80 measures for the presence of alcohol to an exceptional level of accuracy—up to three decimal places. It also excels when high volume testing is required, such as at school dances and events.

BACtrack Trace offers similar accuracy, and with its ability to save the last 10 readings, is useful for managers who need to make records of tests for the future.

Executives have also acknowledged the usefulness of the BACtrack S75, whose front-facing-mouthpiece design offers just the right amount of discretion when testing in the office is required.

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