Breathalyzers for Individuals

What does 0.08% BAC feel like? Can you close your eyes and feel that right now?

Chances are you might be able to imagine intoxication, but without a device that can easily estimate your blood alcohol content, it’s impossible to know what 0.04% vs 0.08% feels like.

There’s an implicit roadblock to understanding how alcohol affects your body—quite simply, the effects of alcohol discourage mindfulness. The more you drink, the less sound your judgement becomes. Therefore, self-assessing your ability to, say, operate heavy machinery, is very poor after a few cocktails.

A breathalyzer levels the playing field. It allows you to quantify your alcohol level with a number, and by doing so, lets you base decisions on an unbiased source outside yourself. In addition, a breathalyzer allows you to do this discreetly, and without fear of judgement. Empowered by this knowledge, you can make decisions that make more sense for yourself and for the public safety.

Even if you don’t drink, consider this: Have you ever had a friend or family member who is especially bad at making decisions under the influence? Maybe he doesn’t know when enough is enough, or tends to make embarrassing comments toward the end of the night. A breathalyzer is a fantastic tool for bringing attention to these situations and hopefully ending them. By showing a loved one just how intoxicated they are, you can stop them from drinking more, acting out, or getting behind the wheel.

For those who like to host friends or relatives for dinner or celebrations at home, have you ever had a guest that might have been a bit “overserved?” Imagine for a moment how you would feel if a guest who left your house got in an accident, arrested for DUI, or worse. It’s a terrifying thought, but the situation can be easily avoided. Hundreds of families across the country like to use the “bowl and BACtrack” technique. When guests arrive, their car keys go into a communal bowl. They don’t get them back until they breathe into a Professional Grade BACtrack at the end of the night. Countless lives and dollars have been saved by using this technique.

Regardless of your situation, BACtrack Breathalyzers offer an affordable, convenient, and highly reliable way to measure your BAC and support responsible drinking.

The BACtrack S80 is our leading breathalyzer for professional use in clinics, treatment centers, and law enforcement, and it's also our best-seller for individual use. Its large fuel cell sensor makes it the most accurate product we offer--and the breathalyzer that brings the highest customer satisfaction (link to customer reviews).

For similar accuracy in sleeker, more affordable packages, the BACtrack Trace and BACtrack Element are terrific choices.

Those wanting the same accuracy with more robust functionality (ability to save result histories, estimate time to sobriety, etc.) should consider the award-winning BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer.

Individuals looking for something a little more affordable should consider the BACtrack S35 or BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzers, as they are both portable and reliable.

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