Breathalyzers for Families

Thousands of families have found peace of mind by using BACtrack Breathalyzers to monitor teen drivers and family members with alcohol issues.

BACtrack units have also come in handy when suspicions arise between separated partners with shared custody of children. BACtrack offers a quick, convenient, and highly accurate method of testing for the presence of alcohol, even in trace amounts.

Those looking for the highest level of accuracy should consider our professional grade units, equipped with Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology. BACtrack S80, BACtrack Trace, and BACtrack Element all offer accuracy up to three decimal places.

BACtrack Mobile is another excellent choice, offering professional accuracy, in addition to having the capacity to send BAC readings remotely via text. This option allows family members and clients to check in with their BAC when monitoring sobriety remotely.

When testing for the presence of alcohol is paramount to measuring the degree of intoxication, the personal grade units are also appropriate. Many families utilize the BACtrack S35 to determine if a loved one has been drinking.

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